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  • Project Cost Study
Understand the cost of clinical trials or projects by myriad components. Access current cost benchmarks and inform your clinical trial and portfolio cost strategies.

Trial Cost Metrix

Provides access to an unparalleled pool of cross-industry comprehensive trial cost data that covers personnel, outsourcing, grants and more

Trial Cost Study

The Clinical Trial Cost Study offers a comprehensive assessment of trial cost performance including whether your company runs high cost studies; whether it tends to run studies that are more expensive than its peers when normalized by disease; and whether it is cost efficient in terms of executing its trials. The Trial Cost Study sets the standard in terms of clinical trial cost benchmarks enabling evaluation at a variety of levels including resource, grants and more

Project Cost

A key component of any R&D Productivity measure is generally associated with cost. As such, it is fundamental to understand how much it costs to pursue any given drug development project whether it be internally, with a co-development partner or as part of a licensing or acquisition deal. KMR Group has worked with companies to devise a reliable, robust, and systemic way to extract the cost incurred for each project in your portfolio using a top-down approach making the final figures appropriate and comparable for benchmarking, forecasting, and planning or to calculate the full cost of drug development

Project Cost Study

Compares and analyzes project cost in a manner that is consistent and reliable, and explores the factors that influence it, with a high degree of confidence and in a manner that is transparent

Project Cost Metrix

By pooling data beyond what any company could gather and analyze on its own, the application gives users reliable comparisons of the cost for any given phase of development across projects, by project characteristic (e.g., Alzheimer’s), and normalized by factors known to be statistically significant in driving cost (e.g., patients, molecule size). The application provides the basis for enhanced project and portfolio planning and more effective decisions