Why We Are Different

Our focus on the biopharmaceutical industry means an in-depth contextual understanding is applied to all projects. In addition, the quality of our datasets, experience in the collection and analysis of data and our reports and tools sets us apart.

Data: we have unsurpassed datasets spanning all levels of R&D from Discovery to Development. At the portfolio level, our datasets include detailed Target and Molecule level information. In the Clinical arena, we capture data at the trial and site level. Both our portfolio level and clinical datasets are unparalleled on several fronts: e.g., volume, quality, detail. The data is continuously being refreshed, as we receive updates from clients on a regular basis, so users can compare their company’s performance against the most recent industry data.

Data collection and analysis methods: Our data collection method differentiates KMR from its competitors. We collect data at a more granular level and aggregate the data internally, ensuring that each company’s data is treated in a similar fashion and applying the same assumptions across companies. The method enables us to provide more detailed and in-depth statistical analysis for our clients.

Reports and Tools: KMR tools are user friendly and intuitive in addition to providing users with depth and access to numerous types of analysis. Our reports provide clients with perspective on a given topic while making it easy to discern how their own performance stacks up to peers.

Commitment to quality: KMR has made its mark with clients by demonstrating to them our careful treatment of their own data and our commitment to preserving data confidentiality. We only accept quality data into our systems, and aid companies in this effort by putting their data through a rigorous query process. Companies experience how we treat their own data and thus have confidence in the dataset at large.

Focus on key business impact: Our applications and analysis are meant to assist companies in all aspects of their business, including strategy as well as day-to-day key business decisions.

Experience: KMR works exclusively in the biopharmaceutical R&D industry with a key focus on benchmarking and analytics. We have been collecting, managing, analyzing, and reporting industry performance information since the early 90’s.