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  • NextGEN Site Scorecard
  • Site Metrix
  • Site Contracts
  • Site Optimization
  • Site Performance Study
  • Site Benchmarks for Sites
Applications and reports for site planning, site selection, and improving performance and timelines.
Used to select top performing sites. Used to engage with sites.


  • Site Selection
Named site performance benchmarks and site ranks by country, region and global for use in site selection, feasibility, site planning, contract negotiation and site engagement
  • Proprietary KMR 5 Star site ranking system
  • Named site performance benchmarks
  • Site performance rankings at the global, region and country level
  • Site performance metrics on site start-up, enrollment and retention
  • Performance based scorecards for each site by TA or disease

Site Metrix

Site benchmarks for planning, forecasting, and country selection
  • Study Start-up Metrics
  • IRB Decision Metrics
  • Site Screening Metrics
  • Site Enrollment Metrics

Site Contracts

Site contract cycle time benchmarks to help inform companies on the time it takes to get a site ready to enroll and highlights these differences across companies, site type, disease, geography and outsourcing
  • Disease
  • Phase
  • Outsourcing
  • Geography
  • Negotiations, Deadlines, Payments
  • Master Agreements

Site Performance Study

This initiative will assess the performance of study sites and the factors that drive this, among them being trial design, and also behaviors of key stakeholders – namely, the Site, the Sponsor, and when applicable the CRO. The Study will evaluate how different behaviors in combination with other factors can drive better recruitment performance

Site Metrix for Sites


Peer rankings and benchmarks in the following areas:
  • Phase
  • Geography
  • Site Type
  • Disease
  • IRB Metrics
  • Site Contracts