Enrollment Services

KMR Group’s comprehensive enrollment services are designed to help in each stage of the enrollment process, from planning to site selection. Each of our services is grounded by a unique feature – unparalleled industry benchmarking data. The type of performance information provided as part of these services is not available elsewhere and cannot be obtained from public sources. It is based on industry data collected directly from user companies, and consists of 1000’s of recent trials and tens of thousands of investigator sites.

Enrollment Strategy & Planning
Setting strategy for a new study can be a challenge, even if your company has extensive experience in the indication. Questions relating to study placement, expansion into emerging markets, the length of recruitment and number of sites needed are key. Getting a broader perspective on these questions is prudent business practice, which means accessing the most comprehensive information available.

Our Enrollment Metrix Application answers these questions and more by providing critical information with respect to what regions or countries enroll the greatest volume of subjects and which do it in the fastest time or at the highest rate. So for those occasions where you want to hedge your bets on successful study recruitment, Enrollment Metrix provides the most comprehensive enrollment performance dataset in the industry.

Enrollment Forecasting
It is difficult to assess the ebbs and flows of recruitment, which in turn makes resourcing clinical trials challenging. Our Enrollment Forecasting Tool helps companies gain a better handle on timelines and activity while taking into account the variance inherent in global studies across many regions – all at the time it is needed most – before a trial is started.

The algorithms our statisticians generate are flexible in that a company can modify timeframes and run scenarios that will allow it to see changes in its recruitment forecasts. In the end, the prediction module enables companies to better manage its resources and timelines by making it possible to see in advance early warning signals of potential problems or bottlenecks; providing opportunities to modify resource commitments, alter timelines or change strategy. Ultimately, more reliable recruitment algorithms enable your company to be more cost effective. As a result, the tool is a powerful companion for clinical managers to proactively engage in performance optimization.

Site Selection

Site Scorecard is our newest web application, giving companies the ability to select and evaluate specific investigator sites according to performance rankings using industry data. Users can choose the performance criterion that is most important, whether it be volume of subjects or the rate of recruitment.


One of the key benefits of the tool is that it shows each site’s performance based not only on your company’s data but using consolidated, blinded industry data as well. It reports standard metrics for a given site and compares them to its peers in the given region and disease area. At the same time, each site is provided with a relative performance rating which controls for individual protocol complexity.

Site Relationship Management
An objective way to build better relationships with your sites is for both parties to understand each other’s performance.

With the Site Scorecard you receive information about each site’s performance compared to other sites in the industry or for a specific protocol. You may choose to share this scorecard with your sites.

With the Site Survey, your sites are able to grade your company on areas such as communication, support, compensation, and contracting. KMR Group manages the survey process, presenting a report that focuses on the areas where improvement is needed. With both the Site Scorecard and Site Survey, you and your sites will be better positioned to improve your relationship and your performance.