Site Contracts

The world’s leading biopharma companies rely on WCG KMR Group Site Contracts Study trusted data source to evaluate study startup site contracts cycle time, gain valuable insights into what drives performance and to plan more effectively.

Site Contracts Questions Answered

  • Find out by how much site contract cycle times have increased and where the trend is heading.
  • Which type of site, i.e. Independent vs. Institutional, is faster and by how much?
  • What can you expect in terms of timelines from a contract managed internally vs. by a CRO?
  • See contract cycle times by country and by factor.
  • How have Master Agreements affected cycle times?
  • Plan appropriately for longer cycle times in Rare Diseases and Oncology.

The WCG KMR Site Contracts Study is global in scope and assesses your company’s site contracts cycle time performance compared to your peers. Key analytics evaluated include total site contract cycle time, budget cycle time, regulatory docs cycle time and IRB turn-around time. The performance evaluations are analyzed using a variety of parameters including disease area, country, site type (institutional vs. independent), CRO managed vs. internally managed and more.

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