Vaccines and Benchmarking


KMR Group is currently conducting our annual Vaccine benchmarking study related to R&D and Clinical performance. The companies participating include some of the world’s leaders in Vaccine development.

The scope of the project extends across the full R&D spectrum. Detailed portfolio data, clinical data, sales information, and resource data is collected from each participant. The results from this study will be released Q1 of 2025.

By participating in the study you will:

  • See how R&D spending continues to rise for vaccine projects and uncover the spending breakdown
  • Learn what therapy areas and vaccine classes, such as DNA/RNA vaccines, are most prevalent in the pipeline and how these have evolved over time
  • See how COVID-19 in the project pipeline has impacted success rates and project cycle times
  • Discover differences and trends in spending between novel and life cycle management projects
  • Examine how companies approach outsourcing and what areas are outsourced more often
  • Learn how vaccine success rates are changing and in what direction
  • Be able to make decisions sooner to avoid the additional cost and effort of terminated projects, which tend to stay in the pipeline longer
  • Find out the effect of different therapy areas and project characteristics on project success rate
  • Discover the most common reasons for project terminations in vaccine development; and apply these learnings to your own organization
  • Analyze vaccine sales information to better understand where the Industry is generating value and now it is reinvested into R&D
  • Evaluate key process cycle times and enrollment metrics of vaccine trials
  • Compare key start-up cycle times by region and country
  • Get access to statistically validated cycle time drivers for vaccine trials to better focus improvement efforts
  • Access the key regions and countries sourcing patient pools

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