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Clinical Advantage combines high level strategy with actionable metrics to improve clinical performance. Through studies and applications, clinical advantage offers companies the means to address cycle time, trial cost, productivity, outsourcing and white space.


KMR’s rich data sources and experience, and comprehensive tools can benefit your company’s development. In many areas, in many ways


  • Enrollment Metrix
  • Enrollment Forecasting
  • Country Optimizer
  • Study Startup Evaluation
Enhance study startup and optimize enrollment performance. Invaluable for clinical trial strategy and planning, country selection, forecasting, startup, and feasibility.


  • NextGEN Site Scorecard
  • Site Metrix
  • Site Contracts
  • Site Optimization
  • Site Performance Study
  • Site Benchmarks for Sites
Applications and reports for site planning, site selection, and improving performance and timelines.
Used to select top performing sites. Used to engage with sites.


  • CRO Metrix Application
  • CRO Rankings Report
  • Outsourcing Performance Assessment
Resources to help understand outsourced study expectations and performance improvement


  • Trial Cost Metrix Application
  • Trial Cost Study
  • Trial Cost Predictive Models
  • Project Cost Application
  • Project Cost Study
Understand the cost of clinical trials or projects by myriad components. Access current cost benchmarks and inform your clinical trial and portfolio cost strategies.

Cycle Time

  • Cycle Time Metrix
  • Cycle Time Study
  • COVID Supplement
  • Clinical Performance Scorecard
  • Phase IV/Medical Affairs Study
KMR Group’s Cycle Time program offers a comprehensive solution to both evaluate cycle time performance and to make available data for use in day-to-day decision making

Trial Cost Metrix

Provides access to an unparalleled pool of cross-industry comprehensive trial cost data that covers personnel, outsourcing, grants and more

Trial Cost Study

The Clinical Trial Cost Study offers a comprehensive assessment of trial cost performance including whether your company runs high cost studies; whether it tends to run studies that are more expensive than its peers when normalized by disease; and whether it is cost efficient in terms of executing its trials. The Trial Cost Study sets the standard in terms of clinical trial cost benchmarks enabling evaluation at a variety of levels including resource, grants and more

CRO Metrix

Process metrics to assess outsourcing performance such as site selection/startup. Compare sponsor vs. CRO conducted studies and generate custom scorecards for your CROs