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  • Enrollment Metrix
  • Enrollment Forecasting
  • Best Places For Clinical Research
  • Study Startup Evaluation
  • Country Selection Evaluation
Enhance study startup and optimize enrollment performance. Invaluable for clinical trial strategy and planning, country selection, forecasting, startup, and feasibility.


  • Site Scorecard
  • Site Metrix
  • Site Contracts
  • Site Performance Study
  • Site Selection Evaluation
  • Site Metrix For Sites
Applications and reports for site planning, site selection, and improving performance and timelines.
Used to select top performing sites. Used to engage with sites.


  • CRO Metrix Application
  • Outsourcing Performance Assessment
Resources to help understand outsourced study expectations and performance improvement


  • Trial Cost Metrix Application
  • Trial Cost Study
  • Project Cost Application
  • Project Cost Study
Understand the cost of clinical trials or projects by myriad components. Access current cost benchmarks and inform your clinical trial and portfolio cost strategies.
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Cycle Time

  • Cycle Time Metrix
  • Cycle Time Program
  • Clinical Performance Scorecard
KMR Group’s Cycle Time program offers a comprehensive solution to both evaluate cycle time performance and to make available data for use in day-to-day decision making